37 Cornhill Street

Annapolis, MD

The residence at 37 Cornhill, was built in 1772 as Brewer's Tavern and just down the hill from the historic Maryland State Capitol.  This property was neglected for years, it is now ripe for preservation and under the rigorous purview of the Annapolis Historic Preservation Commission and the Maryland Historic Trust.  Annapolis Landscape Architects developed the design of  the enclosed garden of the historic property (once a tavern yard). Proposed garden amenities, to meet the requirements of the new owners, include parking (two spaces), a kitchen herb garden, a walkway connecting front and back gates, and accompanying planting for aesthetic enhancement. A steel-framed rolling wooden gate will provide enclosure and parking. By disappearing behind the brick wall, the gate optimizes space, hides parked cars, and conveys a consistent appearance from Hyde Alley. The kitchen herb garden references larger parterre gardens of England and early America, complete with paths and a central sculptural focus. Brick paving provides continuity between public and private space, and vines increase the feeling of depth along narrow walkways.  This project was reviewed and approved by the Annapolis Historic Preservation Commission.