Maryland State Capitol Grounds

Annapolis, MD

This Landscape Enhancement Study focused on the historic grounds of the Maryland State Capitol which remains in continuous use today both for the state government and as a focal point for tourism in Annapolis. The study was initiated to review accumulation and character of planting, signage and other elements that had gradually increased to the point of reducing clarity in this historic landscape. Critical analysis focused on the historic plans for the site, signage, lighting and plantings and recommendations included selective removal or relocation to open views, minimize clutter and accent focal points. A new (ADA compliant) universal access ramp and retaining walls to provide access to the Treasury Building was integrated into the State Circle grounds.  Annapolis Landscape Architects' Partners, Debby Smith and Shelley Rentsch both worked on this project with Ms. Smith focusing on the design and implementation of a new accessible route to connect the street known as State Circle with the Capitol building.  Ms. Rentsch prepared the historic landscape maintenance and enhancement study.

Client: Maryland Department of General Services