Germantown Town Center Urban Park

Germantown, Maryland

Germantown Town Center Urban Park is a civic space and focal point for the surrounding residential and business community. A braided walkway creatively accommodates the significant grade change across this eight-acre park in a way that is fun and ADA accessible. Sculpture formed with boulders and twisted stainless steel piping is integrated into the braid. An elliptical open space is the setting for oversized green chaise lounges. This park receives and filters runoff to improve water quality at the point of discharge from a forty-acre urban drainage area. Stormwater management is fully integrated into the park design with bio-retention, underground storage in the form of a large sand filter tank, specialized cascade outfalls and improvements to the pond and naturalized wetlands.

Client:  Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Engineer:  Charles P. Johnson and Associates
Artist:  David Hess