Hillandale Local Park Facility Plan and Natural Playground

February 2015


Annapolis Landscape Architects was selected by the M-NCPPC to develop a Facility Plan for Hillandale Local Park, a master plan and community consensus building and funding document.  A "native inhabitants" themed natural playground is a central focal point to the design. The Native-Inhabitants themed park includes:

  • 16,000 square foot playground showcasing links to nature and history.
  • Animal tracks and human footprints to draw the visitor in. The prints start with tiny mouse prints and graduate through mammals native to the region and end with footprints of the Native American and an Indian village.
  • Wolf tracks with wolf sculptures for climbing.
  • A sinuous snake paving pattern path winds its way from the entrance back to the tot lot, ending in a three dimensional snake head for climbing.
  • A dinosaur dig area and large dinosaur nest with eggs.
  • A rustic climbing activity swinging bridge and kid-sized bird nest at the top with a nearby water rock area for exploring and getting wet.
  • Swings for the tot lot along with spring riders and spinners.
  • For ages 5-12 there are also swings and two rock structure with a large balancing rope strung between.